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Mini Coffee Stained Paper Stacks (3 Stacks per Order)

Mini Coffee Stained Paper Stacks (3 Stacks per Order)

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If you're a coffee lover or journal lover these cute mini coffee stacks are the perfect addition to your stationery collection! We take our time and dye our papers so they all have different stains and shaeds of coffee stains. We then bake our stained coffee paper so that the edges are nice and crisp. This process add a wonderful texture and weight to the papers giving it that vintage look.

You can use these mini cofffe dyed papers in your journals, planners, bible, or for sending love notes or craft making. The sky is the limited!!!

Coffee Dyed Paper Stack Details:

  • You get 3 stacks of paper in 1 order
  • Each paper stack contains 30 coffee stained sheets - this means that you will receive 90 sheets of paper in 1 order
  • Papers measure 3 1/5 inches x 5 1/5 inches
  • All paper sheets have a variation of coffee stains, some are darker than others and some are lighter.
  • Beacuse these are hand dyed and dried there will be small imperfections, but these little imperfections make your paper sheets that much more unique and beautiful ❤
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