About Desy

Hi I'm Desy

I'm a mom of 2 amazing boys, a full time crafter, journaling junkie, and book lover. My mission is to inspire you to follow your heart & pursue your passions no matter your current situation, and no matter the obstacles you may face now or in the future. Life is a gift and I hope that you will be inspired to live it to the fullest, while enjoying all of the beautiful things it has to offer.

Please remember that you are a diamond in this world and I'm cheering for you as you pursue your goals and create a wonderful life for yourself.

**With God all things are possible, and He loves you unconditionally! (John 3:16)**

I Create Beautiful and Unique Vintage Inspired Stationery & Decor!

I enjoy creating everything from journals to journaling stationery supplies, vintage desk decor and room decor, as well as printables. I've always loved the vintage aesthetic as I grew up with my grandmother when I was a child. I enjoyed watching all of her favorite old movies and musicals from the 30's & 40's. From there I fell in love with reading and would escape into the amazing world of historical fiction and literature. Those moments grately impacted the way I viewed the world and the aesthetic of everything I watched and read about has been a part of my life ever since. I hope that through my creations, I am able to add a spark of joy and happiness in your life.