Three Products You Can Create After You Sell Them

3 Products you can create and sell right now - make money online


Now that you're seriously considering pre-selling a product or service as a proof of concept test, let's talk about three different products you can create after you sell them. These three products are a natural for this type of product creation.

A Coaching Program

First, let's talk about the fact that you can create a couple different types of coaching programs easily. You can create one-on-one coaching or group coaching. When you coach people, you don't deliver everything you have to them at the first coaching session, whether it's one-on-one or in a group. Because of this, it lends itself perfectly to pre-selling.

For this type of program, you'll want to study your market and the competition so that you can create a coaching program that guides your clients toward solving that one problem with the one solution that you offer to them. All you need to create upfront for this idea is an outline of the program, and then later, you can create value-added items like checklists, worksheets, and so forth as they need them.

A Membership Site

A membership site is a website that requires the customer to sign up and pay a fee to get the information inside. To create a membership program that you pre-sell, you'll want to create content for the first month before you start selling it (although you can offer pre-sales based only on the sales page with a launch date for the first month mentioned), and then add the promised information each month (or whatever period you use) on time.

The content you add to the membership site can be in many formats, from video to text and everything in between. Make each delivery fit your promises on the sales page, and your audience will be thrilled.

An E-course

This is one of the best types of products to pre-sell and deliver later. You can do this in several ways. You can teach classes live on video, or record them first, or you can deliver the course with MS PowerPoint slides and other types of content or a combination thereof. It just depends on what you're comfortable with doing. Show your face, or don't show your face. Use your real voice or hire someone. It's up to you.

PowerPoint offers the ability to easily create voice-overs and turn your slide deck into a video. You can add music, different transitions, and more to the slide deck, then turn it into a self-playing video. The neat thing is that as you record each voice portion of the slide, show one slide at a time. This means that you can redo just one slide without having to do the whole thing over again. You can also upload a voice-over you hire out to someone else.


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With each of these ideas, you can create the sales page, which includes all the criteria for you to set up your content creation schedule once you've made sales and determine that you're going to make enough money from the concept to make it worth creating the actual product over time.

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