Take an Existing Product and Turn It into a Higher-Priced Product

Take an Existing Product and Turn It into a Higher-Priced Product

Every single product that you create can be turned into a higher-priced one by changing the format, combining it with other products, and finding ways to add more value.

For example: you can turn an eBook into video content, into group coaching, into one-on-one coaching, into live lucrative live events.

Turn Your eBooks into Video content

If you've published and sold an eBook that's done well solving a problem for your audience, you can transform that book into video content. To make video content from your eBook, you can record each critical point for each chapter by making slides, then recording your desktop, and doing a voice-over. Or you can teach the content personally using your camera and recording yourself showing the information.

Turn Your Video Content into Group Coaching Content

Once you've created video content, you can then re-purpose that content as needed within a group coaching process. Group coaching can be live, or it can be delivered via a membership drip system periodically for the coaching clients in a more hands-off manner. If you offer anything that requires your touch and for you to be live, that should incur a much higher charge to the customers.

Turn Your Group Coaching into an Invitation for Personal Coaching

Once you have group coaching members, they are the perfect audience to invite to your one-on-one coaching program or to invite to your courses and live events. You can work on issues closer in person rather than through a group. But you can still do it online through Skype or by using a Zoom room, so you still don't have to travel or leave your house to make this high-priced product.

Turn Your Group Coaching into an Invitation for Live Events

Once you have a good number of people who have been in your group coaching, courses, and one-on-one coaching, you should consider turning your information into a live event. You can host live events online as a webinar, but you can make a lot of money hosting events in person, too. An in-person event can bring in more than $1000 per attendee, depending on your content and audience.

Turn Any How-To Information into an Asynchronously Delivered eCourse  

All the how-to information can be turned into individual courses. So, for example, if you are a coach that helps executive women overcome imposter syndrome, you probably teach and have created information about mindset, confidence, productivity, and so forth. Turn each "how to" into a course. You can bundle them up to create different sales, too.

Creating these products is a lot faster than you may think. It's faster because you don't need to create the content for each product from scratch. You can re-purpose information you've already created into new information by changing the format, updating the stats, finding new stories to add, and updating the graphics. You can also add value with checklists, cheat sheets, a resource list, and more to every product you create to up the value. When the value is boosted, you can charge more.

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