Record a Series of Webinars with Various Experts | Sell Access & Recordings

Record a Series of Webinars with Various Experts | Sell Access & Recordings

A fun and accessible product to create that you can earn from more than once are webinars that feature experts on topics of interest to your audience.

Not only can you make money by conducting the webinars live, but you can make money by selling access to the recordings later. Let's look at how this can be set up:

1. Create a Theme for Your Webinar Series

Before you even start the series of webinars, think about a theme that many different experts can contribute to in their own way. For example, if you're an organizational guru, you may want to host a webinar series on minimalism. Some of your guests might talk about buying used, some might discuss minimalism mindset

2. Set Up Dates for Each Live Webinar

Go ahead and preset up the dates that you want to record the webinars. Even if you're not doing them live, setting updates for your potential guests to choose from is going to be very helpful in ensuring it gets done and keeping you organized and moving forward.

3. Choose Your Webinar Technology

A good option for webinars is Zoom. You can also try other options, but for the price and functionality, it's hard to beat Zoom right now. Zoom has different levels, you can start with the less expensive one, and if you get more buys you can simply upgrade (or downgrade) as you need.

4. Set Up Standards of Participation for Guests

You've picked your theme, and the dates, and the technology. Now you need to set up the standards you want each guest to meet. For example, you may want to provide them guidelines on time, sound, lighting, and other information before the webinar. You may also want to provide graphics, an affiliate link, and additional information to help them market too. Include a release form so that you can sell and use the webinar material as you so choose.

5. Invite the Experts and Make it Easy

Once you have everything ready, now you can start inviting the experts you want to appear in your webinar series. Send them an invite, along with the standards, and any paperwork they need to sign. Plus, give them a link to the sign-up form so that they can pick their date. When you let people choose their own date, they're less likely to skip out or forget. Excellent software to automate this process is

6. Market the Webinar Series

Before you even finish everything, if you know the dates, times, and themes, you can start marketing. You can create buzz and excitement by filling in the calendar with experts as they sign on to your webinar series.

7. Host the Live Events & Record

Once your guests start showing up, host the webinar, and record it. Always do a test before the big day if you're not familiar with the technology. You want to make sure the result you get is the result you want for each webinar.

8. Up-sell the Recordings to Attendees

Set a price for live attendance, then after the live events, promote the recorded webinars to the people who paid to attend live at a reduced rate, or you can simply offer them free to anyone who paid for the live event. The one issue here is that fewer people will show up live when they have an option not to. You may want to test it out to see if you get enough active participation when you do this or not.

9. Sell Access to the Recordings

Once you've finished your series, you can bundle all the webinars together and sell access. Or, you can sell access to a membership instead that drips each webinar to the members over time. You have many options regarding anyone's webinar too. You can transcribe them, turn them into a report, and even make other handouts to go with it like checklists, cheat sheets, and so forth.

The remarkable thing about this process is that you don't have to create the product all at once, you simply create it as you go. It won't feel like extra work because you're only providing the platform and possibly some questions while letting your guests do the rest.


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