Offer Email or Skype Coaching to Quickly Create a Higher-Priced Product

Offer Email or Skype Coaching to Quickly Create a Higher-Priced Product

One of the most precious resources you own is your time. No one gets any more time in any given day than the next person. Therefore, if you want to start a coaching business, one-on-one, realize that it should be a high-priced product.

If you're going to offer email coaching or skype coaching, it is a product that can be put to market fast and sold fast. This is one reason it's so competitive. There is a lot of money to be made in coaching.

To make it easy instead of hard, you can start offering to coach via email or Skype. It's easy because it's fast to set up. Most people already use both technologies and know how to use them. The only thing you need is a way to market the coaching and accept payment.

Email is a little less personal, but Skype is very personal since you and your client can see each other. One way to set this up is to offer email coaching as an add-on to periodic Skype sessions, or as a lower-cost alternative to offer to your group coaching clients who aren't quite ready for one-on-one coaching.


For Email Coaching


All you need to set this up is a unique email address, so you won't have to wade through other emails to quickly find coaching emails. Don't use a Gmail address; take the time to create a professional email address just for these paid coaching clients. Now, if you need to, you can use a Gmail email if you're now starting off and you don't have the money to get a business email. You can always upgrade to a business email in the future when you have money coming in. Just remember that if you want to charge premium prices for your coaching, having a professional appearance online, including a professional email address can make a huge difference. Also, try to ensure that your email is secure, so nothing personal is taken and exploited.

Set up a limit such as one email a day with one question or issue per day. If you set up guidelines, it'll only take you a couple of minutes to read and answer each email you receive.

For Skype Coaching

Get a Skype account and set it up with all the right branding and the correct name. You don't want to use any personal accounts for the coaching because it might interfere with other things you do, and of course, you want this account to be branded. Offer to coach people via Skype the same way you would by phone.
Give your audience a choice for the length of sessions. It will help you to get organized if you ask your clients to fill out a questionnaire before each session so that you can focus on one thing per session. You can automate this process using software like You can even take payment via Acuity.


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Coaching is a fast product to set up when you know exactly what results you are trying to help your clients achieve. You can use all types of content to help your clients with either kind of coaching. Checklists, cheat sheets, workbooks, and more are all helpful to reinforce the information you discuss during each session. You can create this content by re-purposing content you've already created or purchased for this type of use, such as private label rights content.

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