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Make Money Online | Create a Group Coaching Program with Weekly Accountability

One way to generate a product quickly is to create a group coaching program with weekly accountability and Q & A sessions.The main reason this doesn't create much work for you is that you're already an expert on the topic, so you don't even need to prep that much before each session.

During the weekly accountability and Q & A sessions, you'll just show up with a pre-planned topic based on the coaching program, or be open to questions, or to moderate the group. You may give the group coaching participants coaching materials, or you can show up weekly to talk to them about the content and plan - it's up to you.

This product can even be a one-off product, but it's an especially valuable addition to other high-priced products that you already sell, such as your group coaching program. The only planning you'll need to do is ensuring that you have the technology to use. You can do this via Facebook group, Zoom room, or with webinar software. Then, show up on time. You can let your clients guide the call so that all you do is offer your expertise when it comes up.

To develop the group coaching program, you can use private label rights content, or you can create your own based on what you want to help your clients with that is also within your expertise. You don't necessarily have to have advance content either. You can create the content by recording the sessions live. That is often the simplest way for real experts who know everything by heart.

Once the sessions are recorded, you can get them transcribed, and use them again for a group coaching that is self-paced. However, you can also use the content for the group coaching program that you have purchased, or that you've written yourself. It's up to you. Remember to keep it focused on one problem and one solution for each coaching program you create to make it faster to create compelling, useful products.

The important thing is to get the information to your clients in the most natural way possible for you and for them. Don't over-complicate things. If you can get out of your head and realize that you are an expert and you know things, and you don't have to read the points verbatim since you know them, you're going to have so much fun with this type of coaching program.

You can use software like,, and others to create the platform for the group coaching program. However, you can also use groups on Facebook to accomplish it, too. Although paid platforms do usually look better, and marketing can be more automated; thus, the investment is worth it. But don't allow technology to scare you or hold you back. You can create products fast using a lot of free software and platforms too.

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