Make Money By Setting Up And Recording Live Events

Make Money By Setting Up And Recording Live Events

Coming up with product ideas can sometimes get frustrating. Mostly because people want to reinvent the wheel. They make things harder than they are. The thing is, you don't have to do anything the hard way. You can create products on the fly if you know how.

If you need an idea to set up a product fast, you really cannot beat live events. Live events give you so many opportunities to not only make money directly from tickets to the event, but from the products you promote at the event and from the event itself when you turn it into a recorded product.

A live event can become four products:

  • The Live Event
  • The Streaming of The Live Event
  • The Recording of The Event
  • A Large Report by Transcribing the Event

You can host live events at locations all around the world, including locally to you. They can be workshops, conferences, or seminars. You may think that due to online technology that no one goes to live events anymore, but that could not be further from the truth. These types of networking events generate more than a trillion dollars every year.

The great thing is that they can be large or small. You can invite hundreds, or you can keep it to just a handful of people. Your event can be at a massive venue in Las Vegas, or a small house on the beach. It's up to you the type of mood you want to generate for your live event.

Whether it's large or small, you can sell tickets to it, stream some of it live, and even sell recordings of the event later. You might even come up with a book idea based on the event once you've transcribed the presentations. Live events are made for product creation.

Remember that anything you do in person should cost more than anything that does not require your special touch. Therefore, price this so that the live event is the most expensive of the four ideas. Remember to ensure that your guests, as well as any speakers, sign release forms so that you can use the information how you want to use it later.

There is a fifth product that can result from this process. That product is coaching. Depending on the topic, you can offer personal coaching through the process of whatever you were teaching and talking about at the live event. That makes live events more lucrative than you may have thought because private one-on-one coaching should be even more expensive than the live event.

Yes, events can be more work to put on upfront, but if you plan it right, it'll pay off repeatedly and turns that work into something that you'll look back on as not only fun but lucrative. Plus, if you find an excellent live event planner you only need to know your subject matter and show up.


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So, it can be as much or as little work as you want. Some people host events and don't even speak at their own event while also recording everything and turning it into a product later. Hopefully, this sparked your imagination a little so you can think of an event that you want to host to turn into several streams of income.

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