How to Turn Answering Questions into a Paid Product Without a Lot of Extra Work

How to Turn Answering Questions into a Paid Product Without a Lot of Extra Work


In many ways, coaching is all about answering questions or leading your clients to their own answers. Want to get your coaching program off the ground without doing a lot of work in advance?

With the availability of inexpensive technology like Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, Loom and Skype - and even SMS, Facetime, and more - you can! Let's look at a couple different ways you can set up a coaching program.

Coaching on Zoom

You can coach one-on-one via Zoom easily. It's not an expensive system at all and can work on your PC, phone, or tablet. Your customers won't have issues using it either, as they give good directions and have excellent customer service. You'll pay less than 20 dollars a month for the account.

Get Scheduling Software

Now set up technology that enables your clients to set up a Zoom Coaching session with you and pay for it, too. An excellent choice is, I personally use this software myself and I love the features that come with the software. With it, you can take payment, let them schedule their time, give them directions, send them a pre-coaching questionnaire, and more. The software also integrates with Google Calendar, and a lot of other great apps to give you and your clients a seamless experience.

One-On-One Coaching

You can do this one-on-one, or you can offer a less expensive option, letting them know that it's a group session. For example: for one-on-one coaching, you should charge a lot more. Many coaches charge $150 an hour or more for individual work. There are a couple ways to help end sticker shock that we can look at.

Give Shorter Time Choices

Let them pay for 10-minute sessions on a limited number of issues. Let them add more time, up to your average session time. That way, some people who are unsure about coaching can buy one or two 10-minute sessions, feel as if they're getting a deal, while you get to add them to your email list and blow their mind in the 10 minutes you're given. Since you're requiring that they fill out a questionnaire, you'll be able to spend the ten minutes well.

Group Coaching

Another way to cut sticker shock is to offer group coaching. By allowing five to ten people to join each of your online Zoom sessions, you can afford to charge a lot less per person. What this can do for you is build your list with very interested prospects because they are paying for something, even if it's small. For example, you might charge $20 per person but allow ten people in the group for the hour session. That means you'll earn $200, instead of whatever you usually make one-on-one.

Offer Open Office Hours

Another way to use this technology to your advantage is to start a monthly membership that gives them the right to join any of your open office hours right on Zoom at their convenience. They will be able to ask you any question they want during those open office hours. You'll just need to keep the room open even if people don't show up. But even if they don't, they're paying for the right to, so you're still getting paid.


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This is one of the easiest and fastest products you can create. It can be an add-on to other products you sell as well as a product that's sold on its own. You can also use different types of technology like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, other webinar software, and even chat software.

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