How to Quickly Create a Product by Reusing Existing Content in a Variety of Different Formats

Quickly Create a Product by Reusing Existing Content in a Variety of Different Forms - How to repurpose content


One of the fastest ways to create a new product is to re-purpose and reuse existing content in a variety of different forms. Let's go through a few ideas for re-purposing content that you already have, whether it's private label rights (PLR) or something you created in the past yourself.

Turn Blog Posts into an eBook

Go through your website's analytics to find out what posts have been read the most. If one topic stands out, find all the blog posts you've written about that topic. Combine them into one document.

Go through them to arrange them into a logical order. Change the titles to make more sense. Read through them to ensure nothing about a blog is mentioned so that it fits in the eBook idea. Add content at the end of each post that helps transition to the next post, so it feels cohesive like a book.

Check your facts and stats so that you can update the information to be more current. Add images that help the audience understand the concepts. Add your updated case studies, stories, and information to make the content fresh. Get it formatted to make it pretty, add a beautiful cover image, and you're done. You have a brand-new product that you already know people are interested in because they liked the posts the first time.

Turn Your Webinars into a Course

If you like to use webinars already and have lots of videos that you can use, why not clip and organize them into an eCourse? For example, if you've spent time creating "how-to" webinars (or even podcasts or YouTube videos) on a specific topic and those webinars are already popular, using that content to make a course that is delivered anachronistically ensures success.

To make an eCourse, you'll need four or more modules that take your student from A to Z to accomplish the tasks that solve the problem you're helping them solve. Don't make it too long because you want these products you're creating to solve one problem. Save other ideas for another product. Stick to one method for each product, and you'll please your audience without overwhelming them.
You can use software like PowerPoint to add your clips in a way that is organized for the course.

To deliver the course, you can use many different methods from simply emailing a link periodically to your students when the new module is ready, to using software like to set up the course. Just add the content in a logical order, add transitions, clip out unnecessary information, and update info as needed.


Success Quotes

Discover content you already have that is popular by looking at your analytics. Then, take that content and break it up, extend it, improve it, update it, and then put it into a new format to create a brand-new product that your audience will be thrilled to buy.

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