How to Create an Info Product from PLR Content

How to use PLR to create digital products


An easy way to create new products is to use private label rights (PLR) content. You must read the licensing rules of your PLR before you use this concept, but most reputable PLR sellers are expecting you to use the content you buy as new products.

The only exception is usually that you cannot use the PLR to create more PLR. Otherwise, you can use it to develop direct-to-consumer products with most PLR that you purchase.

Sell It As-Is

Most PLR is designed so that you can buy it and sell it just like it is to your audience. It's as simple as downloading it and then uploading it to your website's shopping cart. This is the reason a lot of PLR comes with a sales page, a download page, and other info for you to use to sell the PLR as-is. It's the fastest way to get a product up that exists.

Modify It Slightly

You can also take PLR and dress it up to make it fit your branding. For example, take any eBook that you buy, add a new cover, and go through and format the inside of the book to suit your branding and taste. Add new images that look more like your branding, and then put it up for sale mostly as-is.

Create an eCourse

Combine several PLR items to create an eCourse. For example, if you wanted to teach your audience how to change their mindset, you can find several PLR products, buy them, then use the information to create a step-by-step eCourse to accomplish changing their mindset.

Develop a Membership Site

Another way to use PLR products - assuming the licensing allows - is to add them as-is (change the branding) to your membership site. This is a fast way to populate a membership site with content for your members. Since the content is not going to be out in the wild, you don't really need to alter it much at all to make it work.

Combine PLR Packages to Make a Comprehensive Information Product
Another way you can use PLR to make products fast is to combine packages you've purchased about the same topic into something totally new. For example, if you wanted to sell a product called "How to Start a Virtual Assistant Business" you could find as much PLR about the topic as possible, then reorganize it, add your own thoughts, brand it, format it beautifully, and you have an entirely new comprehensive information product to sell to your audience that you can create in a day or two.

Progress and success quotes

When it comes to creating products with private label rights content, there honestly isn't a much faster and more effective way.

If you're nervous about doing it, understand that PLR is not something new. Before the internet, magazines and newspapers joined memberships to have the right to use private label content called white label content in the day for their publications. There is no reason you cannot re-purpose private label content to make new products quickly that your audience will love to buy.

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