Get Your Content Seen With These 8 Marketing Habits

 Get Your Content Seen With These 8 Marketing Habits

It would be nice if you really could just write, edit, publish, and start making money. But there is one step missing, and that is the promotion and marketing step. When you think of promoting, you're probably thinking about promoting a product that costs money, but the truth is, you must promote and market even your free content for it to get enough eyes on it, if you want it to make a difference.

Let’s start with an example of a blog post and what should happen when you publish a blog post to your blog:

1. Create a Blog Post: Create the post fully. Remember, you need to know what your goal is for that post so that you can measure the results. Your goal has to be tied to the action you want the audience to take.

2. Edit, Format, & Publish Your Blog Post: After you're all done writing up the post, you’ll want to edit, format, and publish the blog post properly. You may have a system for this to ensure that you include affiliate links, links to other articles, links to your services/products and so forth for this post.

3. Create Social Media Images: Each social platform you use to promote your content will need its own image. Since you will be sharing this more than once, you may want to create multiple images so that the share looks new. For example, if you have a post with 10 reasons, you could technically make a different image for all ten reasons and then share just one at a time each day.

4. Create Internal Linking to Your New Blog Post: You may have plugins or other automation set up for your blog that helps you add internal linking to like articles or any other blog posts or content that is related to your post. Internal linking helps ensure that this post gets seen. Add its link to old posts and add other reading material to this post. Don’t forget that you can include in-content links, too.

5. Share on Social Media Multiple Times: Now that the post is finished, and you have the right information and graphics to use to promote it, schedule the promotion into your social media software like or If you don’t have that ability, you’ll need to posts on each platform manually.

6. Share to Your Email List: Every time you publish new content, it’s important that you send out an email which you can automate to your list subscribers. It will bring more traffic to your site and help to boost sales.

7. Re-Purpose Your Blog Content: Now that you have finished that part, you’re still not done. Now you can re-purpose this blog post into other types of content. Turn it into a podcast, a video, or 10 more in-depth posts and repeat that process over and over.

8. Repeat: Keep doing this for every piece of content you create. The more you promote the content you publish, the more eyes will get on it and the more money you’ll make because you’re going to reach more people.

It might help you to make a list like this of all the things you need to do to promote any type of free content you’ve created. Then, all you do is look at the steps you need to take next to get the most out of the content you create.

If you set up a process for each piece of content created based on the goals of that content, and the audience meant to see the content, you’ll see a big difference in the results you get. If you haven’t been doing this, go ahead and locate the top three most viewed or read pieces of content you have to start this process. I'd love to hear about your process of sharing your content, or thoughts on my process above!!!



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