Gauge Interest in Your Next Product with a Pre-launch Page and Mailing List

Gauge interest in your new product with a prelaunch and email list promotion


If you don't want to pre-sell your product, you can still prove your concept by setting up a "coming soon" pre-launch page to build your mailing list of interested potential customers and former customers, too.

You'll do it the same way you do the sales page. The great thing about this is once you do go live, you can easily transition your pre-launch page into a proper sales page just by adding a buy button instead of a sign-up button.

The remarkable thing about this idea is that even if you choose not to move forward, you've not taken any money and you don't need to refund it. Plus, you've still added more people who are interested in your niche to your email list. To accomplish building a pre-launch page with a mailing list capture form, you can do that easily with just a standard WordPress site and your email software.  

Alternatively, you can use software like,,, and others that connect with your website and autoresponder software. In some ways, this is a lot faster. But if you cannot afford that type of software yet, you can do it without just as quickly, but it will take slightly longer to create.

You'll need:

  • Your Sales Page Plus Copy - Remember to include what you're offering, the benefits of the offer to them, and any details that further drive home the benefits while reducing fear.
  • A Thank You / Download Page Plus Copy - Even if you're not offering them anything at the point of getting them to sign up, sending them to a thank you page with other information or even an incentive to download builds more trust.
  • An Email Capture Form Plus Copy - Your email software already has templates you can use. Don't reinvent the wheel; use the templates. If you're using landing page software, use their templates as well.
  • Email Content - Send a thank you, the link to your incentive, relevant information and content, questions, and so forth every single day up through launch.
  • An Incentive - You may want to offer an incentive in exchange for the email address - such as a checklist, cheat sheet, or a sample of what you're launching.
  • Social Media Profiles - Add links and invite them to follow you on other platforms, plus give them the ability to share your sales page with their friends.
  • Other Links to Your Content - Linking to other content they might be interested in after they've signed up is a great way to keep them on your site.


If you use landing page technology mentioned, you may also add different information - like a way to refer a friend with a link, a link to your social profiles, a way to add the launch date to their calendar, and more. But if all you have is the above, it'll still work great to collect leads who are interested in your launch.


Success quotes

When you create your sales page, don't hold back on what you're offering your customer. Be very specific and frame everything you talk about to them from their perspective. It's always all about your customers. You've seen that statement many times, and you'll see it many more times because it cannot be expressed enough that what you do is about and for your ideal customer and only them.

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