Create Low-Entry Products That Can Upsell into Your Membership Site

Take Your Monthly Membership Content | Create Low-Entry Products That Can Upsell into Your Membership

Take membership content and turn it into smaller, lower-priced stand-alone products. On the download page, in the product, and in A/Rs, up-sell to the recurring membership.

Once you start a membership site, you'll be putting content in it every single month. There is no reason you cannot also sell this content as one-off products to customers who aren't members. Not only will this tactic work to bring in sales from people who don't like to join memberships, but it will also bring in customers who do like to join memberships to get a small discount.

It works like this:

  • You create the product for the members based on what you know they want and need due to the research you complete. Each product is then loaded into your shopping cart system as a new product that is available for your members, without any additional cost, but then it is given a price in the system so that people who are not members can purchase the product.
  • Once it's loaded into the shopping cart, your members will get notified of the new product available in their member's area. But you can also now send the same product - but for full price - to the rest of your audience who are not members but who are on your email list.

Once the new customer chooses to purchase the product, you can up-sell them in one of two ways:

  • Up-sell After the Purchase

You can let them pay the full price for the product, tag them to put them on a new list of people who bought that product, and who can now get information regarding your membership site that delivers monthly problem-solving products.
You can also send them to a download page to get the new product and up-sell the membership from that page after the purchase.

  • Up-sell During the Purchase

Depending on your technology, you can up-sell your buyers right at the time of purchase in the shopping cart or with a series of landing pages that pop up based on the buyer's choices. You can offer the membership by giving them a discounted product or by discounting the membership by applying purchase price to the membership in the checkout cart.


Don't forget that you can also re-market any one product or similar products to previous visitors to your website using the Facebook Pixel. This is yet another way to bring your site visitors back to promote your membership.

It really does depend on your technology, but this is a great way to not only build a membership but also a customer base outside of that membership too. This will keep a regular feed of new members coming into your site because of the new product being promoted every time it comes out.  

This is a simple way to ensure recurring income, but the really remarkable thing about a membership site is that you can use the same content you offer members, but just a taste, to create low entry-level products that you can use to promote or up-sell customers into your membership. It's a win-win all the way around.


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