Best Domain & Web Hosting Options for Entrepreneurs/Freelancers

One of the first, and most important things, you need to do to build an online presence (whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, blogger, service provider, business coach, etc.), is to choose a domain and web hosting.

Domain Hosting:

It’s not easy choosing a domain name and this is one area many people struggle with. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s a few tips that helped me out when I first started freelancing & blogging, I hope that they will help you as well as you when choose your domain name:  

  • Always choose a ‘.com’
  • Shorter is always better
  • It should be easy to remember + easy to say
  • Hyphens are a no-no
  • No cute spelling
  • Avoid unusual spelling
  • The domain should match your business
  • The domain should convey a certain image about you and your business

Once you’ve decided on your domain name, it’s time to register it. This can be done through the same place you’ve chosen for web hosting or it can be done separately through any domain registrar.

Something to keep in mind – when you’re searching to see if a domain name is available, be sure you’re ready to purchase at the time you’re searching! If not, when you go back to pick it up you may be surprised to find that it’s no longer available. There are people out there who monitor domain name searches, pick them up and then try to sell it to you later for a profit.

Once you’ve chosen your domain name and purchased, it’s time to set up your web hosting and website.


Web Hosting

The first thing that’s worth mentioning is that you should never use free hosting! Even if you’re trying to be frugal or build a business on a shoe string budget, free hosting is a big no-no! Web hosting isn’t a huge expense. In fact, there are domain hosts that offer a very nice discount to first time buyer for their first year of hosting.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when searching for a web host provider is to find a company that has a responsive support team! It’s not going to do you diddly squat to have a company that offers all these bells and whistles if your site goes down and you’ve tried contacting them to no avail! If your site goes down or some other trouble arises, you must have a provider that can help you!  

Here are a few of the basic features you should be looking for when it comes to web hosting:

  • Disk Storage Space
  • Bandwidth Allowance
  • Number of Email Accounts Permitted
  • Number of MySql Databases Permitted
  • Live support – so you can speak to a Rep. over the phone


Top 4 Domain & Web Hosting Sites:


1. Namecheap

  • Namecheap domain hosting - Hustle & Purpose NYC
  • I've used Namecheap for 2 domains in my early years of blogging and I must say that Namecheap is a really straight forward domain hosting service. They have good customer service so if you have any issues with your domain or account you can call in and speak to a representative or tech support. When you buy a domain name from Namecheap, the process is very simple & straight forward. They do have a search tool on their website so that you can search and see if the domain name you want to purchase is available. Their pricing start as low as $8.88 for a .com doamin.



    2. Liquid Web

    Liquid Web is a hosting company that offers Fully Managed Hosting and helps business owners + creatives at any level. They cater to growing businesses, designers, developers & agencies. They have a large selection of products, services and support designed specifically for mission-critical sites, stores and applications.

    Liquid Web - Web HOsting and Domain Hosting - Hustle & Purpose NYC

    Liquid Web Services: PaaS offerings, Tried-and-True Dedicated Servers, super fast VPS, Premium Business Email Hosting, Managed WordPress or Managed WooCommerce Hosting.They do have 250+ experienced administrators, engineers, and technicians dedicated and empowered to make life easier for all of their customers - Their main focus is definitely customer satisfaction.

    • 24/7 Support via Phone & Chat
    • 100% Uptime Guarantees
    • 59 Second Support Guarantee


    3. Bluehost

    If you're looking for affordability & convenience, Bluehost is the one to choose. They offer:


    4. Hostgator

    HostGator Powerful Website Hosting - Hustle & Purpose NYC

    The last hosting service I think is great for entrepreneurs now starting out is Hostgator. They have hosting as low as $2.75 per month and their services include:

    • Website Builder - Easy Drag and Drop Fully Customizable Mobile Friendly
    • WordPress Hosting - Built for Speed Advanced Security Free Migrations
    • VPS Hosting - Dedicated Control Full Root Access Scalable Resources
    • Dedicated Hosting - Total Control Full Management Tools The Ultimate in Performance

    Everyone starts at a different place and depending on the type of business/blog you're starting you'll need something specific, so take your time and choose the hosting that fits your budget and needs.



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