Are You Coming Out with New Products Frequently?

Are You Coming Out With New Products Frequently - How to make money online

Many digital product creators get very hung up on marketing that one product without continuing to create more products. This can create a cycle of plenty and then starvation.

When the sales die down for that one product, they are scrambling to come up with something new. The truth is, they just need to create something for their buyers.


  • Save Money on Marketing and Advertising

Creating more products directly for your customers and list members is always going to be less expensive than creating something for new customers. Anyone who has already shown interest in your products is the person you want to start creating more products for because you save money on marketing and advertising.


  • Delight Your Customers

The side effect is that you delight your current customers by giving them more of what they want. This creates loyal customers. They already trust you; you already gave them something amazing, and because of that, they're going to keep looking to you to provide more solutions within that genre. Why disappoint them by only going after the new customer? You're not AT&T.  


  • You'll Still Attract New Customers

It's easier to sell more products to people who are already your happy customers than it is to find new people to buy one product. Not only that, creating more products for the people who are already interested in you and what you offer will still end up generating new customers. After all, the product will be on your website on its own landing page.


  • The Product Will Be More Targeted

Even though you're focusing on your customers and their needs, you're going to still market the products to new people. You're going to sell it to your audience first which is going to generate buzz, ensure you get more testimonials for your sales page, and, best of all, since you've based your creations on your current customers and what they need, it is just natural that you'll reach more of your target audience with these highly-targeted products.


  • More Products Make Search Engines Happy

Coming out with new products frequently will not only delight your customers, but it will also bring in new customers because of the power of search engines. When you have a new sales page, or landing page, the search engines notice and will start sending more traffic your way simply because you have an active, authoritative, frequently updated, niche-based site that is obviously delivering the right information to its customer.


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The right number of products depends on your audience, but you can shoot for one product a month at first to test the results. But remember, the primary way this is going to work is if you set up each product on a separate landing page or sales page on your website and create content for your audience that creates buzz about the product while marketing it to your current customers and list members first. Be sure to look for the next blog post in this series.

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