4 Tips to Grow Your Email List Using Facebook

 4 Tips to Grow Your Email List Using Facebook - Hustle & Purpose NYC


Facebook has about 2.32 BILLION monthly users worldwide. Your audience is hidden among those 2.32 billion people and it’s your job to find them, market to them, and to draw them out of hiding with your fantastic opt-in bribe.

Continue to meet new people and build relationships on social media but also make it super easy for new followers to browse your page AND opt-in, all in the same space. Let’s explore these ways you can capture your audience’s attention once they get to your Facebook page.


1. Add an email sign-up tab to your FB page: Remember how I said earlier that people LOVE when you make things easy for them? This option is especially easy for Facebook users who become your fans. Don’t worry about directing them to your website just yet; getting them on your email list is a pivotal first step.


By far, the easiest way to add your email opt-in on Facebook is to use a third-party site, like Tabsite.

4 Tips to grow your email list with Facebook - Hustle & Purpose NYC - Pagemodo

As you can see from this screenshot, TabSite offers many more apps that can grow your business; email opt-in is simply the one we’re talking about today. These apps are also available to run contests from Facebook but also your website.

Setup also couldn’t be easier with TabSite. Simply create your account; login to your dashboard; and input the URLs of where you want the different apps to work. TabSite also offers analytics so you’ll know exactly what’s working and what needs improvement.


Another third-party site worth researching is PageModo.




From your PageModo dashboard you can create custom tabs in as few as 5 steps, as well as cover photos, contests, and Facebook Ads, plus more. Both companies offer many options other than email opt-ins and they both offer free trial periods. 


2. Use your cover photo to promote your opt-in bribe and sign-up: Your cover photo is the very first thing your followers will see when they land on your page, so use this online real estate wisely. Creating a custom-designed cover photo that features your opt-in gift is an ideal way to grow your list.


The current dimensions for cover photos are 820 pixels wide and 312 pixels tall for desktop, 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall for mobile. If you use a photo that is smaller than these dimensions, Facebook will stretch the photo to fill the space but then the resolution makes it look blurry. Blurry does not equal professional, so follow those dimensions carefully.


All cover photos are clickable, so be sure to add a description of your offer and link to your opt-in landing page in the description. In this example from mindset coach Denise Duffield-Thomas, you see the “Reserve Your Spot” call-to-action engages people to click the photo.

 4 Tips to grow your email list with Facebook - Hustle & Purpose NYC


After you click on Denise’s cover photo, you get all the details for her new free training, including the Register Here link near the bottom. You can use this same exact example, only insert your email opt-in landing page.

Use this description space wisely! So often people make the mistake of forgetting the link or don’t go into more details about what they’re offering. Speak to your audience and remind them of what you have to offer.


3. Run a contest or giveaway: With the tremendous growth of Facebook, brands have found it more difficult to stand out from the crowd and one way to combat that problem is to run a contest or giveaway.


Facebook, however, has very stringent rules (which are not very clear) about how these events should be run, so make your life easier by using a third-party app.


The premium version of TabSite.com offers 5 contest apps but they also offer a free version of a Timeline Contest App that you can try out as part of the 14-day free trial.

 4 Tips to grow your email list using Facebook - Hustle & Purpose NYC



PageModo also has a Contest App which you can customize to run sweepstakes, giveaways, contests, and coupons.

 Pagemodo - 4 Tips to grow your email list using Facebook - Hustle & Purpose NYC


Once your contest is set up, it’s time to rock the promotions. Ways to publicize your contest include:


    • On all your social media outlets
    • Write a blog post about the contest with a call-to-action link
    • Create a Pinned Post on your page with all the contest details
    • Use a giveaway hashtag for those who search for contests regularly
    • Facebook Ads with your target audience defined


4. Drive traffic to your website/blog: Create Facebook posts that drive traffic back to your website, specifically to articles that have an opt-in call-to-action that we discussed back in Step Two. Drive traffic to pages on your site that use a pop-up and test which method performs better: Pop-up vs link. Some prefer a pop-up because it’s more visible than a call-to-action link at the end of an article but analyzing and tweaking will yield different results for everyone.



Facebook users rake up an estimated 8 billion average daily views! Live videos have huge reach and they are totally free to produce with your smartphone.

Step out of your comfort zone with these tips for creating Facebook Lives that will attract your prospects and encourage them to opt-in for your freebie:

  • Write a compelling title and create an outline for a talk on a topic you know your people will love.
  • Make sure your topic is (at least somewhat) related to your opt-in bribe.
  • Broadcast from your business Facebook page but afterward, share the Live session with any other accounts you manage.
  • Mention the bribe several times throughout the Facebook Live and give your people an easy way to sign up for your list to get it. This is where having a dedicated landing page and memorable URL is helpful.
  • After the Live is complete, edit your description notes to include the URL where your viewers can subscribe.
  • Always encourage your fans to invite people to watch the Live and/or share the replay when it’s over.

Just remember…even though your Live broadcasts have a goal of increasing your list size, you still need to talk to your audience about a topic that is near and dear to them; a topic that you feel qualified you can solve for them. If they see you on video and they like your demeanor and your message, they will likely go that next step and join your email list.

Not everyone will like you or sign up and that’s alright. Building an email list is about the quality of the leads, not the quantity. Targeted leads are those who will follow your every word and recommendation. They will buy your recommended products/services, come to your local meet-and-greets, or join your group/coaching program. But only if they feel that bond with you in the first place.

 I'd love to hear your thoughts below! Have you tried any of these strategies before? If not which one will you start implementing to grow your list??



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