3 Big Benefits of Creating An Online Course

3 Big Benefits of Creating An Online Course

In the past, we've discussed different ways that you can re-purpose "how-to" content that you have - whether it's an eBook, a webinar, or blog posts. Using that content to organize into a course online is a great way to create an additional stream of income without working harder.

Anything you want to teach someone how to do can be made into a course. Even if there are already courses about that topic, remember that you can make yours different simply because it's yours.

Also, remember that due to video technology, you can literally create any type of course you want to. You can teach people to do things in a way that was not considered in the past. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to using technology to teach your audience. Plus, doing so is not only beneficial for your customers but for you, too.

The three big benefits of creating online courses are that you don't have to create everything before you launch, it's easy to re-purpose content for the course and from the course, and you can charge a decent price for it which makes it even more worth it.

Benefit #1: Start Selling Before You Create It

Most courses are delivered on a periodic basis. When you went to school, you weren't offered all the material upfront. You went to class daily or a couple times a week to get the information and materials, and then you left class and did homework to implement what you learned in class. Because of that, it's easy to start selling a course before you create it. No one is expecting instant access to every module on day one.

Benefit #2: You Can Easily Re-purpose the Content You Create

You can re-purpose in two ways. Using previously created content to develop each module of your course is a great way to get started. Then, you can re-purpose components of the modules you create to use as blog posts, email messages, and social media updates. For example: if you created a chart for one of the courses, you can share it as an image update on Instagram. Two directions to choose from for re-purposing content is always a good thing.

Benefit #3: You'll Make Good Money on Autopilot

When you set up a course, even if you're only creating the content on a weekly basis, at some point, you're going to finish. But even when you finish and your first live students are also finished, you're going to keep making money because you, and likely your students who are now affiliates, will promote the course as long as the information is up to date and valid.

Most courses can be sold for more than $100 dollars. When you realize that, you know you only need to sell 1000 spots to make six figures. You'd need to sell slightly about 3 courses a day to make it to six figures. When you think about that, it is clear that creating a course is a lucrative proposition.


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Setting up online courses today isn't hard due to the technology that is available to you that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. You can sell courses from any number of platforms, including your website. With the right shopping cart technology, self-hosted WordPress plugins, and learning management systems like Teachable.com and so forth, you should not be stuck finding a way to deliver your courses with all the technology available today.

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